CMB Hall of Fame

Installed 2014

Chase Collins

Section: Tuba
Major: Classics
Graduation Year: 2007
Leadership Positions: Section Leader
Occupation: Associate with Bruce H. Russell, II, P.C. (attorney)

Dave Knight


Section: Trumpet
Major: Environmental Science
Graduation Year: 2006
Leadership Positions: Drill Instructor, Drum Major, Grad Assistant
Occupation: Assist. Prof. and Director of International Engagement, Department of Engineering Education, V.Tech

Woody Wingfield

Wingfield, Woody

Section: Trumpet
Major: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2007
Leadership Positions: Drum Major
Occupation: Associate Director of Development, UVa

Installed 2015

Kearby Chen

Chen, Kearby

Section: Saxophone
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2008
Leadership Positions: Webmaster, Drill Instructor, Grad Assistant
Occupation: Senior Marketing/PR Specialist Team Lead (at UVA Health System)

Kyle Craig

Craig, Kyle

Section: Baritone
Major: Computer Engineering, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2008,2014
Leadership Positions: Drill Instructor, Section Leader, Staff
Occupation: Senior Design Engineer, Psikick

Bryan Myers

Myers, Bryan

Section: Clarinet
Major: Comm School (Accounting & International Business)
Graduation Year: 2009
Leadership Positions: Drum Major
Occupation: Vice President of Strategy & Planning, sweetgreen

Erica Seredni

Seredni, Erica

Section: Feature Twirler
Major: Psychology. Minor: Religious Studies
Graduation Year: 2009
Occupation: Manager, Campus Recruiting, KPMG Advisory

Matt Taskey

Taskey, Matt

Section: Trumpet
Graduation Year: 2008
Leadership Positions: Section Leader
Occupation: Patient Access Data Quality and Training Coordinator, Augusta Health

Cavalier Marching Band Hall of Fame


To Honor those who have made a lasting impact on the Cavalier Marching Band at the University of Virginia.

Selection Process
New inductees to the CMB Hall of Fame will be considered each year.

Nominations may be made by any CMB alumnus, current CMB member, or current or past full-time member of the band staff. To be eligible for selection, nominees must have spent four full years in the CMB (unless circumstances provide for an exception) and have spent at least three full seasons as an alumnus.

Nomination materials should consist of the following information sent to
● Full name and contact information of the nominee
● Listing of years affiliated with the CMB
● Instrument(s)
● Leadership roles
● Awards within the CMB
● 1,000 word statement justifying selection into the CMB Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame members will deliberate and take into account all of the previous information as well as consult with the current (and potentially previous) Director of Bands and his or her full-time staff. Following these deliberations, votes will be placed by Hall of Fame members as well as the Director of Bands on each nominee. A nominee must garner favorable votes from 75% of the votes cast to become a member of the Hall of Fame.

Selections will be announced each year during the University’s Homecomings festivities.