International Trips

HOOS Traveling the World

The UVa Band has made three world-class trips abroad since it’s inception.  These trips were all first-class, all expense included, voluntary trips that the students could choose to attend.  We are currently planning for our next trip.  Our trips are open to all members of the Cavalier Marching Band.

Australia and Fiji-2007

In 2007, the cavalier band made its first international trip to Australia and Fiji.  The trip was incredible.   We performed at a veteran’s retirement home in Sydney.   When the band played Sousa’s Washington Post March, a group of WWII vets recalled the song from their tours and shed a tear.  It was a special moment for sure.  While on the mainland the band also performed at a public school and worked with the band students to improve their skills.   The rest of the time in Sydney was spent exploring Bondi Beach, the Blue Mountains, the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and the Olympic Park.  It was an amazing trip that did not end there.

Following 4 days in Sydney, the group traveled to Fiji where they spent three days soaking up the relaxing environment as well as performing at the local resort in the evening.  It was a great end to a perfect week with friends.


Two years later the HOOS traveled to three cities in Brazil: Rio de Janiero, Ouro Puerto and Manaus.  Each offered a very unique cultural experience.  We started the 8-day trip with a performance broadcast on the PBS station of Brazil to the entire nation.  It was a packed house and an unbelievable performance, despite the language barrier.  The crowd called for multiple encores!  We enjoyed the local culture in Rio for 3 days by visiting Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana Beach and a great Brazilian dinner theater.

Then we drove to the mountains to play in the oldest theater in all of the Americas: a beautiful baroque era theater that was built back when the ruling class was still kings and queens.  Again, the standing-room-only performance was electric as we played 3 different encores requested by the audience.  At the end, Mr. Pease was given the key to the city!  We also spent time in Ouro Puerto with a school of underprivileged students playing games and learning how to dance the samba!

The final leg of the trip took us to the Amazon city of Manaus.  This was an amazing cultural experience.  We experienced life on the river, went Cayman hunting, and visited an original rubber plantation.

Costa Rica-2011

In 2011, the band visited Costa Rica.  We spent a lot of time there hiking through the rain forest to the base of an enormous volcano, zip lined down to the volcano’s base and performed as the main act in a beautiful town square for the locals.  It was truly paradise on earth.

After spending 4 days at the volcano, we traveled to the coast for some time at the beach for 3 days where we also had a great performance at a local resort.  Several local bands came in to experience the concert; we even asked them to play our instruments with us after the performance.  The highlight of that was when 3 Costa Rican student trumpeters played with Max Friedfeld on the Virgin de la Macarena after the performance was done!