Join the CMB

2017 UVa Students

Auditions for the CMB take place during new student orientation in July.  

If you are an incoming first-year student who would like to audition for the CMB, please sign up here!

AUDITION INFORMATION (how do I earn a spot in the CMB):
Each new member of the CMB will be asked to schedule a brief “Directors Meeting” during the summer (before band camp).  This meeting provides our staff a chance to meet each and every new member in person before the  school year begins.  During the meeting we will hear a brief playing audition and answer any questions you have about band camp or the season.  Following each meeting, the student will be told if he/she has earned a spot in the band.

This video shows you the process!

Drumline and Colorguard members will audition at our precamp.

Are You Graduating from High School in Future Years?

Submit your information HERE  to receive more information about the band.

Please also check out our FAQ pages for answers to any questions you may have: Student FAQ or Parent FAQ