All prospective drumline members should plan on attending Pre-Camp

If you have not already done so, please contact us to let us know you are interested and register.

Frequently Asked Audition Questions

Q. When do I audition for the drumline?
A. Our audition is held during the Drumline Pre-Camp. The 2018 Pre-Camp will be held July 29th at the Hunter Smith Band Building. Details coming soon!

Q. Do I need to go to the pre-camp in order to make the drum line?
A. Yes, attendance is mandatory.

Q. What will occur at the pre-camp?
A. Pre-camp will involve playing with the line, an individual audition with the directors, and a visual block to focus on drum carriage. Pit members will play cymbals for visual block.

Q. What do I need to bring to the pre-camp?
A. You need to bring your own sticks and earplugs, and a water bottle/snack is recommended. Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Dinner will be provided.

Q. How do I prepare for the pre-camp, audition, and season? 

A. The first step is to contact us, let us know you are interested, and register. Practice the exercises with a metronome and basic marching skills like marking time. Be efficient! Important things to work on are sound quality, evenness, clarity, and ability to maintain tempos.

Pit Auditions

Front Ensemble auditions will take place during pre-camp. Please prepare the following:

  • Know all major scales and arpeggios at 100 bpm, sixteenth notes. We will randomly select a few scales for you to play.
  • 2017 Warm-up packet
  • Sight-reading. We will provide you with a short sight-reading piece during auditions.