Drumline FAQ


The UVA drumline is open to any UVA student. The drumline will consist mostly of non-music majors, and some will not even be native percussionists. Anyone interested in the drumline may attend both the pre-camp and the audition. Being a member of the UVA drumline is a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience. If there is a position where you can contribute to the drumline, you will be given that opportunity. The most valuable quality of a UVA drumline member is a good attitude.

Q. How much do you practice?
A. The whole band practices every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00- 8:25. On game weeks, the drumline practices additionally on Wednesday from 6-8, and with the whole band on Friday 6:00-8:00. Marching band is a 2-credit course at the University.

Q. Where do you practice?
A. The band holds all rehearsals at Carr’s Hill Field, a million-dollar turf field built just for the CMB. This top-of-the-line field is accompanied by a storage facility for instruments. Indoor rehearsals are held in the Hunter Smith Band Building directly next to Carr’s Hill.

Q. What does a typical rehearsal consist of?

  • Drumline warm up, and separate drumline practice
  • Full Band Music rehearsal
  • Drill Rehearsal

Q. What does a typical gameday consist of?

  • Saturday morning rehearsal at Carr’s Hill Field
  • Lunch at the Hunter Smith Band Building with parents (who are always welcome to come)
  • Bus over to the Stadium
  • Pre-game show (with drumline entrance)
  • Stand tunes/stand beats during game with half time show
  • Walk back to and change at the Student Activities Building (next to the stadium) after the game – pizza and food provided afterwards

Q. How many games do we perform at?
A. We perform at all home games. If the football team is invited to post-season play, the band will travel with them to a bowl game. In the past we have traveled to Florida for the Gator Bowl and Georgia for the Chick-fil-A bowl. In addition to these, you also have the opportunity to travel to voluntary (paid) away games with the band.

Q. How much does it cost to be on the drum line?
A. Actually, everything is paid for by the CMB – including all meals, hotel, transportation, clothing, and more! Everything else – band camp, travel, clothes (classic CMB shirts, sweatpants, baseball hat, winter cap, and mesh shorts), uniform, instrument, etc – is taken care of by the University! Additionally, drumline members may be eligible to receive scholarships in recognition of the extra time commitment and effort required.

Q. How is the UVa band different from high school band?
A. The CMB is a very different experience from high school band. Our attitude is best described as “relaxed intensity.” We want each and every member to have a great and fun experience, while putting on a fantastic show each time. Each and every member is in the CMB on their own accord, and no one is forced to join. This means that the attitude of the band is great – everyone works hard, and we have a fun, efficient, and enjoyable practicing environment. Also, we don’t go to any competitions. Our focus is completely on providing different shows to entertain the fans at football games!

Q. But even though that’s less time than my high school band, I’m worried I won’t have enough time to keep up with my classes AND band. Isn’t that right?
A. Don’t worry, you’re not the first to think this. However, you actually have a lot more time on your hands in college than you think you will. You spend less time in class than in high school, and even though the academics are harder, you’ll have time for school, CMB, other activities, and a social life! Most members actually find marching band improves their grades, as they time manage themselves much better during marching season.

Q. What instruments does the front ensemble use?
A. The pit percussion instrumentation consists of amplified electronic mallet instruments, suspended cymbals, and other rack-mounted or orchestral instruments.