Color Guard FAQ

What is the practice schedule?

  • Monday evening: sectional*
  • Tuesday/Thursday: full band rehearsal (6:00PM-8:25PM)
  • Friday on game weeks: full band rehearsal

*If you must take a Monday evening class, contact Marc or one of the captains to work out a schedule for you to learn the routines. Otherwise all rehearsals are mandatory


Do I get class credit?

Color guard members enroll in the same class (MUBD 2610) and receive the same amount of class credit (2 credits) as band members.


Do I have to pay for anything?

Students will only be responsible for purchasing shoes and gloves for the marching season ($40), payable at band camp. The Cavalier Marching Band will also provide all color guard members with a special warmup suit. There may be a few additional costs, for items such as t-shirts and uniform undershirts, so please estimate your color guard budget to be around $55 for the season.


What previous experience is required?

No previous experience is required, but please understand that we will be holding auditions and color guard basics and a great attitude are a must!


If I have no previous experience, will I have time to learn basics before auditioning? Yes, basics will be taught at the color-guard pre-camp prior to Band Camp auditions.


What equipment will we be using?

The color guard’s equipment will consist of flags, swing flags, and rifles.